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Specialist Audits


Specialist Auditors in the Property and Real Estate Industry

Specialist Audits

We are one of the very few B-BBEE Level 1 audit firms that has specific industry knowledge, experience and a unique audit methodology that allows us to perform the following audits with precision, quality and at a reasonable cost.

Property & Real Estate Industry Audits

  • Body Corporate (Sectional Title) Audits
  • Home Owner Associations (HOA) Audits
  • Sectional Title and HOA Managing Agent Audits
  • Real Estate Agent Trust Account Audits
  • Property Management Company Audits
  • Property Investment Trust Audits
  • Property Development Entity Audits
  • Property Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) Audits
  • Property Finance Company Audits
  • Construction Company Audits

Our staff also has extensive experience with audits of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and we are able to outsource our staff to your audit firm if you are currently busy with an audit of a REIT and require additional capacity.

Other Specialist Audits:

  • Attorney Trust Account Audits
  • Pension and Retirement Fund Audits
  • Provident Fund Audits
  • Collective Investment Schemes
  • Audit of Cooperatives
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